Gardening in Unpredictable March

By Nancy Ann


Garden Notes

by Nancy Ann

Planting time is closer than you think!!!



     It’s March!!!  Can you believe that?  And in MN, we are still many, many inches under snow!  As I noted in my garden book, The Minnesota Gardener, March is a teaser month.  Here are some tips you can use if you have already started some tomato plants. 
          If you have already started some tomato plants and they are getting large enough to transplant, no need to wait.  You can go ahead and do that, just make sure you continue to provide them with enough light to help limit their stretching toward the natural light of a window.  You may find that buying another grow light is necessary. 
          Perhaps, though, you only need to pinch them back.  If you seeded them in plain peat moss, it is probably time to give them some food.  The root system of your seedlings should now be strong enough to fertilize.  If using commercial fertilizer, mix it at half the recommended strength.  Feed your young plants with every third watering.
         I have only one single tomato plant started at this time, which is highly unusual for me.  We will be moving this summer, so my normal planting rituals will be a bit different this year.  I will soon be transplanting my little seedling and pampering it.  Who knows, it may be the only tomato plant I have this year!

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