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​Gardening 2021

What's in Store?


I believe that it is safe to say that 2021 is going to be another big gardening year for a lot of folks.  This year, hopefully, stores will up their inventory for the home gardener.  Last year, seeds sold out, soil sold out, let’s not even mention the canning lid shortage!
Try to stay ahead of the game by getting organized right now.  You don’t need an elaborate greenhouse set up to get an early start on your gardening season.  In Minnesota, it’s a good idea to get a jump start.  A sunny window and a card table will provide you with what you need to get those little seeds started.  Tomatoes are a good thing to start in February or March for a home gardener.  They are manageable enough to keep in the house until the weather starts to warm.  Things like squash and cucumbers, on the other hand, will grow quickly and start vining.  It’s best to wait until late March or early April for those. 
Other plants, such as beans and corn, do not transplant well and should be sowed into the garden directly.  Meanwhile, now certainly is a great time to start your herbs!
So grab your gardening notebook, (you do have one, right?) plot out your garden, order your seeds, and get planting!

I wish you an abundant harvest!

Just a few of my little blessings!

Be sure to order your seeds early!