​The Home Fire ​series begins with Sarah and CharlieSarah questioned her mother’s plan for her to move away from the only place that she knew as “home.” She wondered why, after the sudden death of her husband, and with a baby to raise, would her mother suggest such an absurd idea as to go live in a cabin out in the middle of the woods of northern Minnesota? A cabin that didn’t offer any modern conveniences, at that.

As Sarah learns to tackle the hardships that she is faced with, and to appreciate the simplest of things in life, she begins to realize her mother’s wisdom. 

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​Home Fire: Sarah and Charlie

Home Fire:  The Journey Home

​Home Fire:  The Big Year

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​Home Fire Book 4 Update

With all the preaching I gave on my home page, it only seems right that I should finally finish book four of my Home Fire series.  While I have been working on it, I have let myself slip in and out of routine, resulting in a still unfinished project.  Much of my recent set back was due to moving to a new home and living in a construction site.  I now have an office set back up that will allow me to work in comfort and without distraction.

The good news is that I have established an achievable writing routine in my weekly schedule that I am committed to and anticipate that the book will be available by July of 2020!

Thank you for your continued patience and stay tuned!!!