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Job’s Tears, Coix-Lacryma-jobi, are probably the oldest beads known; they date back to at least 2000 BC.  It’s not clear where these plants were first domesticated, but they are among one of the oldest agricultural crops along with beans, corn, and rice.  Food was its first and most important use.  The edible fruit is shaped like a tear drop.  Because of the tear shape, it was named after the biblical Job of the Old Testament who endured much suffering and shed many tears.  When dried, the fruit has a hard outer shell but a very soft inside. The seed has a tiny, natural hole, making it perfect to use as a bead.

There is a legend that when the Acadians were sent out of Nova Scotia because of religious persecution, they were not allowed to take anything with them.  Not even their rosaries.  They migrated to Louisiana where they found the Job’s Tears bush.  They believed the Lord had provided for their needs.  It has also been documented that Job’s Tears have been found in ancient tombs & Mother Teresa wore a Job’s Tears rosary.


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