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The Handwritten Letter
by Nancy Ann

 There is a certain excitement that comes with a handwritten letter when you find it in your mailbox.  When I was a kid, I wrote letters all the time and mailed them off to my friends and cousins.  In the summertime, I wrote to my classmates, 

I also had what were called “Pen Pals”.  Many magazines would have a pen pal list giving the names and addresses of people that were interested in swapping letters.  I’d write to one or two of them, and they’d write back.  I had horses, so many of my pen pals also had a horse or at least an interest in them.

As you may imagine, I received a lot of mail for a 10-year-old girl and through my teenage years!  And I loved it!  Email and texting were far off in the future.  The U. S. Postal Service was the way to communicate.  Yes, we did have a telephone, but to use it I had to have permission, and I preferred writing letters, anyway.  

Now, with the electronic age upon us, we all need to take precautions before giving out our address.  But you still can write letters to those you know and trust.

This Christmas season I encourage you to sit down and write a letter to somebody-your grandparents, a cousin, other family members, a friend, or a loved one serving in the military.  Even if they do not reciprocate, you can make a safe bet that they enjoyed your letter and will read it more than once!



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