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Writer’s Workout

Warming Up to Kindle

By Nancy Ann

A couple of years ago, I was given a Kindle Fire as a gift.  I had fun exploring all of the things that it could do, however, I am one of those people that prefer a “real” book when it comes to reading.

As time went on, I found myself downloading more and more books to my Kindle.  This became especially true when it came time for me to travel.  If I was in the middle of a book, I would download it before heading out of town as opposed to packing the book itself.  I now have several reference books on my Kindle, making it very convenient to bring along all of this information.

While it took me a while to warm up to my kindle, I am glad that I did.  The largest concern is keeping it charged, which usually isn’t much of an issue.  There are many things that you can do without internet access, should you be traveling to a remote area.  But mostly, you will find many hotels or motels now offer free Wi-Fi.

I still prefer my printed and bound books when it comes to reading, however, I must admit that when it comes to packing and heading out of town, the Kindle rocks!

Nancy’s Notes

Productive Pockets

By Nancy Ann

Once or twice a year, I try to get away from the fast paced life to which most of us are accustomed.  With little or no access to the internet, I find time here and there to sit and write in my notebook.  (Naturally!)  I’ll write anything from daily journal entries to blogs or articles for my website.

My vacations allow me to get caught up or even ahead in many ways, and yet I do not feel like I am working at all.  For example, I’ll write while I am watching a beautiful sunrise, or while I am basking in the sun on the beach.  I am relaxing and writing at the same time.

I do bring my laptop along so that I can type my articles and save them for uploading onto my website or get them formatted for submitting elsewhere.  I do this work on rainy days or during the dark hours of the day, but ONLY if I feel like it.

My point is that it is possible to go on vacation and get some valuable production work done without feeling like you are working your relaxation time away.  You will be surprised at how much writing you can get done in 15-30 minutes!

I encourage you to take advantage of the small pockets of time to be productive.

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