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​Fall is here! One of the things that I love about living in Minnesota is its ever-changing seasons.  They seem to come and go at just the right times. (Okay, I'll admit that winter has been know to occasionally wear out its welcome.)

My gardens are at their end.  My tomatoes are nearly all canned.  I am looking forward to snuggling in for the cooler months.

This fall and winter I plan on two things:

Writing a lot.

Reading a lot.

By December 1st I will have a clear idea of what my 2017 goals will be and I look forward to establishing them as well as putting them into motion.

Beautiful Sunset Sky

Percherons at the farm

Sunday, Sept. 24

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Bear on the Trail Cam! Leaving this up because people always ask to see it.

This weeks task:

Get back on track

Russian Black Tomato-

​Family favorite!