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Open Your Mind to New (and Old) Books!

Recently, I was at an elementary library where the librarian was pulling books from the shelves.  I eyed the table full of books and asked why she was pulling them.

 "The kids just don't check them out," she replied.  "This one hasn't been checked out since 2006."

   "What are you going to do with them?"

   "Give them away."

I let her know that I happened to be volunteering at a used book sale that coming weekend and that I could take any unwanted books that she had left to the sale.

I went through the books and pulled a few that I'd like for my own personal library.

   "I can't believe they won't read these!  They are great stories!"

   "If they aren't current titles, they just won't read them.  They all want to read the same thing as each other."

   "That's too bad.  They don't know what they are missing," I replied as I added Brighty of the Grand Canyon to my stack of books.

If you are a parent or a grandparent, I implore you to encourage your kids or grandkids to read some of your favorite childhood books.  Encourage them to open their minds to different genres and classics.  They don't have to give up what the popular trend is, but rather, they can switch it up a bit.

Reading takes you places, some fun, some spooky, some strange and unusual.  It makes your mind think outside the box.  It teaches you how things were at a certain point in time.  It leads you to new authors, even if they passed away years ago.

To see books such as The Indian in the Cupboard, Nancy Drew mysteries, and many others leaving an elementary library was a sad site, but I understood the librarian's position.

Books make great gifts!  Consider giving a young reader that you know a book that you read as a child.  Let him or her know how much you enjoyed the book!



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